Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Day 12 - Breakfast at Hotel -> Check out -> Drive to Jordan via Allenby Bridge -> Lunch at Tawaheen Ai Hawa Jordan -> Queen Alia Airport -> Tranist/Marhaba Lounge @ Dubai Airport -> Home Swee Home

After breakfast at hotel & check out, we were driven to Jordan via Allenby Bridge and then Lunch at Tawaheen Ai Hawa Jordan.
It was a nice restaurant with great food.

There was a big spread of food

After lunch,it was time to go to the Queen Alia Airport.
Transit was at Dubai Airport and due to the long transit time, Emirates gave us food coupons. We looked around and chanced upon Marhaba Lounge which had good service, great food and comfortable sofa to sleep on. Very spacious lounge but these were not the sofas I slept on

Big buffet spread of rice, curry, finger food, sandwiches, drinks, deserts but cannot stomach much. We were tired and sleepy

My plate of refreshments with hot tea after a "nap"

Then it was time to board the plane...
The plane A380 was very empty, much to my delight. I had a good sleep on 3 seats.

Day 11 - Lunch -> Shopping at BenYehuda Street -> Hotel Prima Park, Wast Jerusalem -> Dinner at Hotel

Lunch was at downtown.
Enroute to lunch, we met a busker on the way.


Lunch was at a Armenian restaurant. No photos as camera was lost.

After lunch, enroute to bus

Then we were driven to BenYehuda Street for shopping. Murals on buildings. Ilost my camera here.

Chords Bridge Jerusalem (Gesher HaMeitarim in Hebrew) Also known as the Bridge of Strings, is a cantilever spar cable-stayed bridge at the entrance to Jerusalem viewed from Hotel Prima Park