Monday, October 29, 2018

Day 13- Breakfast - Bus to Dubrovnik -> Bosnia - > Dubrovnik - > Airbnb Review

After breakfast, we checked out and walked to the bus station. Our bus departure was at 8.15am. The bus fare costed 120kuna/person.

It was a 4-4hr scenic drive to Dubrovnik. There were 2 custom check points at Bonsia. Stopped briefly at Bonsia for restroom and snacks. There was a scenic viewpoint.

Upon arrival at Dubrovnik mian bus station, took Grab to the Pile Gate and then walked to check in the Airbnb.
The airbnb is “Diona Vesa Old town Dubrovnik”. It right in the old town along the famous food street, Prejeko ul . We paid $373.27 for 2 nights. Unit is on the 2nd floor with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. That was why I chose this bnb. Hubby said this apartment had the best hot water and they had internal ambient control so the temperature in the apartment was very cozy Everything is ok. The only problem was the host’s mum came in the second day and threw away my plastic bag which consisted of several S hooks, empty boxes from the toothpaste, face cream and my face foam which I left outside the bathroom. She thought it was trash. Although she apologized later, I felt that it was just not appropriate for her to enter the apartment which she had rented to u. Furthermore, she did not left my stuff alone. So, was very disappointed with them.
Very big room with 2 single beds

First bathroom – we only use this bathroom in fact. The other one for emergency.

Queen bed in second bedroom (Guess this was a sitting room because it had a balcony).

Balcony where we hang our laundry.

Second bathroom

View from kitchen

Sofa and dining area

Small kitchen

Front door

Stairways to apartment

Floor plan

Entrance to building – sometimes, the restaurant put their tables here, blocking the entrance. Sigh.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Day 12 - Lunch at buffet FIFE -> Diolcetian Palace -> Dinner -> Diolcetian Palace

Had lunch at FIFE. They only accept cash. The lady boss was very friendly, helping to usher the guest.
This was highly recommended by tripadvisor and our host due to its low price but we had to share table with strangers. Reminded me of sharing table in HK.
They have menu in many languages
Salted Cod with potatoes – not to my taste – very fishy 64kuna

Grilled eggplants and capsicium @16kuna

Beef Stew, 50kuna - tasted like our own local beef stew,

Chicken chop swimming in mushroom sauce, 59kuna. Taste is ok.

We chose mashed potatoes as sides – very plain

Total bill was 189kuna. We rounded it up to 200. Not really to my taste but hubby said it was ok for him. Service was good and portions are huge. Price very affordable and reasonable, you can say cheap. Very traditional Croatian/Dalmatian cuisine.

En route to Diolcetian palace we bought an 4euro pistacho gelato

We entered through the south bronze gate which led us to the underground palace, now houses various jewellery and souvenir stalls.
The south gate of the palace used to open up to the sea so that ships can dock and one can enter the palace.
The water is gone now, replaced by a walkway along Riva or beach Street.
This underground passage will eventually lead to palace grounds via stairways at the end.

Peristyle Square

Just beside the peristyle square is St Domnius Church Bell Tower

Next to the peristyle square is the emperor’s residence with an open dome that resembles that of the Pantheon.
This is the place where officials meet up with the emperor.

Near to the Peristyle Square via maze of alleys is Eastern Silver gate.

Wax life size Roman soldiers

Walking away in the opposite direction from Silver Gate via the Peristyle Square, you will arrive at the Iron Gate beside an old clock tower in Na Rodney Square, also called the "People's Square". This square is the striving centre of the old town and the most flourishing square in the old town which often serves a meeting place.
Na Rodney Square means “People’s Square” is connected to the west (iron) gate of the palace. Once one goes through the iron gate, it is another maze of alleys and that will lead to the main square, Peristyle Square of the Dioletian Palace. There are many open-air cages and restaurants here.

Profil-Mozaik Superstore, Narodni Trg(People’s Square)

Narodni Trg Stari Grad

o St Roche Church

Exited thru the northern gate which led us to Statue of Gregory Nin just outside the north golden gate. He promoted Christianity and the language and culture of Croatia while he was alive. .
Kinoteka Golden Gate

Bell Tower and Chapel of the Holy Arnir

Gregory of Nin

Cooked dinner and after dinner, hubby took night shots of the palace
Kinoteka Golden Gate

Pass through the Golden gate and another gate greets you. After this gate and many alleys after, you arrive at the Peristyle Square, the palace grounds.

Hexagonal Cathedral of St Domnius and its bell tower, built in remembrance of this martyr persecuted by Diocletian. .

Silver Gate

Peristyle Square

St Roche Church

Iron Gate

Underground palace which will lead to the bronze gate to Revi Street.

Bronze Gate

Day 12 - Breakfast -> Marjan Hill -> old town

Woke up later than usual today. Refreshed, took time to cook breakfast before venturing out to Marjan Hill.
Enroute to Marjan, passing by the promenade

En route

Start of uphill climb towards Marjan Hill but it was a gradual climb.

Looking backwards

Great view of Split town greeted us at this viewpoint but some views were blocked by irritating trees!

Climbed further up and saw this church - Church St Nikola

There were no more view points further up so we descended to original viewpoint.

Descending to Split town

Republic Square

En route to old town

Day 11 - Lunch on Bisevo Island -> Hvar -> Ferry to Split -> skip dinner

It was way past lunch and we were left with no choice but to dine at Restoran Kod Kase at Porat Bay on Bisevo island as per captain's recommendation after we completed the blue cave tour.

The lunch was not spectacular, in fact very ordinary. We had 2 tuner steaks and 1 chicken shop with fries and total bill was about 40euro. Payment in cash only.
Tuner steak

Chicken Chop and Fries

View of the beach taken using a drone! Restaurant on the left.

View of the bay

After lunch, we did not leave the island immediately as the guides were taking their lunch and after lunch nap!
By the time we left the island for Hvar, the sea was getting a little choppy and imagine a small boat roller coasting in the open choppy sea for an hour! The sea water kept splashing onto my hubby as the boat rocked and the towel used to shield him was so wet!

Finally we reached Hvar! Thank God!

When we reached Hvar, the couple who took the tour from Split with us decided to take the ferry instead and asked if we wanted to take the ferry too.
After the scary experience, I decided to take the ferry too. Tour leader refunded us 100kuna so that we could use that refund to buy the ferry tickets which costed 90kuna/person. He also brought us to the ticket office to purchase the 715pm tickets.

Hvar Castle at the top

Bought crossiants here and they were our dinner.


It started raining while waiting for the ferry but thank God we arrived at Split safe and sound. The blue ferry was the one we took.

Skipped dinner and went straight to bed after shower as we were very stressed out and tired.