Thursday, November 8, 2018

Day 16 - Breakfast -> Fly from Zagreb to Singapore, transit at Frankfurt

The hotel provided breakfast in the morning very early in the morning and it was quite a spread. It was a very gracious gesture and thumbs up for this great service.

Table setting

Our breakfast


After breakfast, the hotel shuttle sent us to the airport. From there, we flew to Frankfurt on Croatian airlines before transferring to SQ back to Singapore. Meals onboard

Beef Set

Chicken Set

Thank God that we arrived in Singapore safe and sound. That ends our holiday and it has been a long and enjoyable trip.

Day 15 - Dream hotel Review - > Dinner at Hotel

After lunch, it was still raining. We collected our bags and made our way to the bus stop in the rain. The rain was getting heavier and did not stop till we arrived at the airport. The airport bus arrived earlier than expected and moved once it was full. We arrived at the Dubrovnik airport after 30mins.

It was a short flight of 50mins on Croatian airlines from Dubrovnik to Zagreb. We paid 885 kuna /person adult fare while youth fare was 778.75kuna.
Outside the new Zagreb Airport

Upon arrival at Zagreb Airport, we called Dream hotel and they picked us up from the airport. It was a 10mins drive to Dream Hotel.
Sunset taken from hotel carpark.

The hotel is in the middle of nowhere, but 10mins away from the airport by car. We needed to be a the airport at 910am so need to stay at a hotel near the airport. We pai $126 for a night. Value for money!
This is quite a nice hotel which provides complimentary shuttle to and fro from airport as well as complimentary breakfast which starts very early at 4am. It really takes good care of the hotel guests with this service. A very nice gesture indeed! Beds are comfortable and shower has good pressure and plenty of hot water. Highly recommended for an early flight out of Zagreb. Hotel Exterior

Bar counter

The big room had a king size bed and two single beds, separated by a wall 2 Single beds

A small table

Warbrobe on the left, entrance on the right

King size bed

TV and fridge

Oversize Bathroom with Jacuzzi

Jacuzzi bathtub – we did not use

Jacuzzi Bathtub and Bedroom

Room card - room 111 on the ground floor


Flower pot

Room map

Our room 111


We settled our dinner in the hotel but it was a very long wait. The chef cooked everything for all guests before dishing them out. The price is much cheaper than that in Split and Dubronvik. Had a good meal on our last night before flying back.
Ordered mushroom soup. Need something hot on a cold day.

Fillet Mignon with potatoes

Pasta with truffles

Grilled Squid with butter rice

Sea Bass Fillet with vegetables

Total cost was a steal at 420kuna! The food was tasty and delicious. We enjoyed the meal very much.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Day 15 - Breakfast -> Pupica -> Gundulic Square Open Market -> Lunch at Mama's Pot

Had Maggie mee and milo for breakfast.

We will be taking the 1pm bus. Our flight was at 420pm so there was much time to kill. Read a travel book in the airbnb which recommended Pupica's almond orange cake so we went to try and sample and took a last look at the old town before departure.
Pupica Shop Entrance

Table setting

Almond Orange Cake - tasted ok. No wow factor!

It costed 25kuna

Visited the bustling open market at Gundulic Square where many vendors were selling fruits, vegetables and lavender products.

Back to bnb, it was time to check out. After chucking the luggages outside the apartment, we climbed up the steep stairs to Lady PiPi. Then it started to rain. As a result, Lady PiPi was closed. We went to Mama Pot instead, also at the bottom of our bnb to have an early lunch before catching the 1pm bus to the airport.
Hubby commented that the food at Captain was better in terms of taste and presentation.

We had to sit inside because of the rain.

Prawn Risotto , presented very plainly


Seafood platter

Total bill was 366kuna.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Day 14 - Lunch at Captain's -> Lovrijenac Fort -> Dinner at Kamence Buffet

Went back to bnb, rested a while and decided to have lunch at Captain Restaurant , just below our bnb. It was not recommended by the host but we chose it as it was the nearest to the bnb and the price was reasonable.
Table setting


Seafood Platter - yummy! The potatoes were very tasty.

Prawn Risotto

Mussel Pasta

Total bill was 387kuna .
St Nicholas Church at the end of Prijeko Street.

After resting a while, we headed towards the Lovrjenac fortress. The city walls ticket includes entry to this fort.

Bokar Fortress opposite

Sveti Durad Chapel

Dbrovnik West Harbour

This fort is one of the shooting venue for Game of the Throne.

Panaromic View from the fort

There were few levels in the fort to view the old town with its many orange roofs.

Street leading to the fort

Pile Gate

Roamed the streets south of Stradun Street

Church of the holy annunciation

Jesuit stairs to St Ignatius Church

St ignatius Church

Dubronvik Cathedral

Enroute to Pile Gate

Steep steps

St Dominic Church

Enroute to Ploce Gate

Dinner was back at buffet Kamence.

Ordered Mussels

Clam Spaghetti

Shrimp risotto

Total bill was 282kuna - value for money meal!

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Day 14 - Dubrovnik City Walls

After maggie mee, soft boiled eggs/bread and milo breakfast, we made our way to the walls

St Saviour Church

Big Onofrio Fountain

Soon, we were on the walls. Wow, it was a great way to see the city!

Stradun street

Enroute to Bokar Fort

Busy roads with lots of traffic outside Pile gate

Lovrijenac Fortress across

Minceta Fortress

Francesca Monastry and its bell tower and after passing it

Minceta Fort

Lovrijenac fort

Looking backward at Minceta Fort

People crossing the bridge from Pile Gate to the town outside the old town

Continuing our walk on the walls


Lovrijenac fort

Reminded me of great wall of China!

Cafe on the wall

Church of our Lady of Mount Carmel which has 3 bells

St Franciscan Monastery & its Bell Tower

St Dominic bell tower

View from Minceta Fort

Gomjia Ugao tower at Minceta Fort

View from top of Gomjia Ugao tower

Minceta Fort

En route to exit

Minceta Fort

It was getting hot now

By the time we completed the walls, it was getting very crowded! It was a very interesting walk on the city walls. The views of the orange roof tops and the various churches and buildings from the elevated height of the walls and the forts were breathtaking and very colourful. This certainly was the highlight of Dubrovnik old town. The 150kuna was well spent!

We took 2 hours to complete the walls at a very slow pace, enjoying the scenery and the beauty of this old town. After coming down from the city walls, visited the Pile Gate shortly and took a few shots.
Enroute to Pile Gate. We did not climb the stairs. Instead, we used the ramp.

Pile Gate