Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Day 2 - Breakfast at Hotel -> St Paul's Church -> Jonker Street

Breakfast at Hatten was very good with a huge spread of food - So much to choose from - really spoilt for chocie - prata, nasi lemak, glutinous rice, noodles, dim sum on top of the usual american breakfast stuff.
Nasi Lemak, chicken curry, xiao bei chai

Glutinous Rice, Roti Prata


Nasi Lemak , kuey teow

Prawn Mee

Baked beans, waffle, veg, samosa

Pineapple and chocolate cake

Desert Corner

Salad bar


After a full and hearty breakfast, we were off to St Paul's Church pitched on top of a hill
Old Fort

Pirate Ship attraction

St Paul's ruins

Then it was time to buy titbits/tau sau piah and for some chendol in Jonker Street
Start of Jonker Street

Enroute to Chendol shop

Bought some tau sau piah here

Chendol at the shop at the end of Jonker Street, near the stage. Biscuits are sold here too.

Coconut was too thick?

Enroute to Hatten

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