Monday, January 1, 2018

Day 11 - Breakfast -> Pick up rental car - > -> Drove to Meterora -> Check in House Alsos (Review)

Finished whatever we had for breakfast before leaving for Meterora. However, we still could not finish and kept some for lunch.

After breakfast, we walked to Sixt near Hadrian's Arch, picked up our car and at 9am, we were on our way to Meteora. We were impressed with the conditions of the highway in Greece! They were very clean and well maintained. Rest rooms were located at the shoulder of the highway so no time was wasted in slowing down the car to go into the side area away from the highway. Drove past cotton fields, lakes, up a hill and then down before we reached our destination. Total journey took about 4hrs.

Our accomodation for the night was at House Alsos. Checked in and the owner gave us an oversized room with a double bed and two single beds. We thought that the inn was empty till we saw the crowd at breakfast the next day. It had a balcony and we took our leftovers as lunch there. The balcony was facing the big vertical Rocks. Onwer preferred paymentin cash. It costed 50 euro a night including breakfast for two. There is a common kitchen for all guests to use. The hotel was quite pleasant and compact. The price cannot be beaten. The owner and family lived there and their kitchen was out of bounds for guests.

Our lunch

2 single beds and 1 double bed - comfortable enough for one night.

Balcony at the foreground

Wardrobe and fridge

Hooks at entrance to hang clothes/jackets

Basin with amenities


Balcony / Patio facing the rocks/cliffs


Lamp - same as the one we had at home

Our room number 9


Surrounding area

House Front

Outside the hotel lobby

Breakfast Room

Huge lobby with a small counter/reception

Stairways to room

Alternate route to room vis these stairways

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