Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day 6 - Chi-no-ike Jigoku (Blood Pond)

Beppu has a total of 8 Jigoku or hells, so called because of its high temperature! The guide only brought us to one hot spring hell - Chi-no-ike Jigoku (Blood Pond) and it was only one miserable pond! It looked more brown than red. The "hells" (地獄, jigoku) of Beppu are hot springs for viewing (too hot!!) rather than bathing. This hot spring was small and was a disappointment. There was a foot bath but it was way too hot!

Many houses and homes piped in the hot spring water and have their own hot springs. It is a smoking town or city!

Day 1 - Overnight Flight to Fukuoka, Kyushu via SQ

Day 2 - Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine -> Lunch -> Huis Ten Bosch -> Dinner near the Nagasaki Dejima Wharf -> Nagasaki ChinaTown -> Best Western Premier Hotel, Nagasaki

Day 3 - Breakfast -> Atomic Bomb Museum -> Peace Garden -> Lunch, Kumamoto -> Kumamoto, Suizenji Park -> Kumamoto Castle -> Mt Aso Farmland Resort -> Dinner at Hotel

Day 4 - Breakfast -> Sakurajima Island, 桜島 -> Satzuma lunch at Sakurajima Island, 桜島 -> Ibuzuki Hot Sand Bath -> Dinner -> Kagoshima Rembrandt Hotel

Day 5 - Breakfast -> Super Long journey to Mt Aso National Park -> Mt Aso Museum (cable car was suspended due to bad weather ) -> Journey to Beppu -> Beppuwan Royal Hotel -> Dinner

Day 6 - Breakfast -> Chi-no-ike Jigoku (Blood Pond) -> Journey to Fukuoka -> BBQ/Sushi buffet lunch -> Robosquare - > Tenjin underground shopping street -> Hakata Canal City -> Ramen @ Ramen Stadium -> Excel Tokyo Hotel -> Walk along the river -> Ichiran ,一蘭 Tonkotsu Ramen Dinner -> Walk to Tenjin -> Area around the hotel

Day 7 - Area around the hotel -> Breakfast - > Morning flight Home Sweet Home

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