Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Day 1 - Breakfast at Gold Lounge, Changi Airport -> SQ Flight to Bangkok -> Bus to Pattaya

Took the first flight from Singapore to Bangkok and arrived in Bangkok at around 8 plus. Breakfast was at Gold Lounge

Food onboard

Was hoping to catch the early bus to Pattaya butthe earliest available was 10.30am. The bus booth to Pattaya is located at the basement below arrival hall at gate 8. The air conditional bus fare is really cheap at 120baht. Journey is about 2 hours. The bus stop at a few stops but the last drop off point is at the bus company office on Thappraya road. From here, cross opposite and take any pick up bus, Fare is 10baht to Pattaya Beach. Sometimes, the bus driver demands >10 baht. This is the tell tale sign that you are taking the wrong bus! Wait for another one - there are so many of them! Surely one of them will take you for 10baht.

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