Thursday, August 18, 2016

Day 3 - Check in to The Key Hotel (Review) -> Lunch at Saew, ThongLor -> Shopping -> Dinner at Silom

Have been staying in SILQ and Sacha in Soi 19 for the past few trips so decided to try a different hotel this time so we opted for Key hotel. Not a very wise choice though. We paid $172.71 for 2 nights with breakfast
The Hotel front

Our room

Even the key is worn out.

The room was big with a King size spring bed. In terms of comfort, it lost to Sacha and SILQ.

The furnishings were worn out and of inferior quality

Bathroom located after the kitchen. The heater was quite unsightly but it worked well with strong hot water.


Kitchen which we hardly used

Breakfast area

Lobby looked impressive, compared to the rooms.

Hotel at night

After check in, we took lunch at our usual haunt, Saew at Thonglor, did soem shopping at Naraya and then had dinner at Silom. My colleague recommended the pig organ soup. Went to the wrong one. LOL.
Enroute to look for the stall, bought the soya bean milk which included many condiments. 10 baht.

Could not locate the stall my colleague mentioned so settled for this one.

Pig organ soup with kuay teow - Not too bad - costed 50baht

Saw someone ordering this at the same table so requested her to order for me. Not as good as the pig organ soup.

Fish soup

Bought a milk tea next door

And mango rice at Terminal 21 to end the day

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