Friday, November 18, 2016

Day 1 - Check in Bath airbnb -> Dinner at Red Lion

We stayed here one night at Bath en route to Cornwall.
This was the exterior of the airbnb we stayed. It was a double storey house. A basic house good for one night. Clean. Deco was not soothing or inviting. But we just needed to sleep for a night with a good price for 5 adults. We paid $337 for the whole house and it is value for money.

Its neighbourhood

Our rental car

Room downstairs with single bed

Stairways to rooms upstairs

Bathroom upstairs. The bath tub does not come with a screen so the place floods after each shower!

3 bedrooms upstairs but we only use 2 of them

One of the bedroom

Another room which we did not use

Another bedroom

Hallway to kitchen


Bathroom downstairs

Big backyard & garden behind the house

Sitting Room which is housed in a room

Dinner was nearby at Red Lion's pub near to the airbnb. Due to jet lag, we did not have much appetite.

Fish & Chips

Total Bill : 25.39GBP.

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