Thursday, December 1, 2016

Day 7 - Hyde Park -> Dinner at New Fortune Cookie Chinese Restaurant

Next, took the subway to Hyde Park. Some of the subway are so old that you won’t believe it. And it was so stuffy and HOT inside.
There is no escalators or stariways. The transportation method is via a huge cargo lift. All the people squeeze into the only 2 available
lifts in the station. If you cannot get it, you have to wait for the next one. I could not believe my eyes and have never imagined to
find such transportation method in London subway!
There is nothing much in Hyde Park. A very ordinary park. We just relaxed and rested there till almost dinner time when we proceeded to

Ducks swimming in the pond

The swans were being fed by visitors

The station to Queensway was Queensway. Dinner was at New Fortune Cookie Restaurant which offered London duck. Prices at New Fortune
Cookie are more affordable and reasonable, compared to nearby high end Four Seasons.
Exterior - Restaurant Front

Interior setting

We ordered wanton soup. Ordinary.

Fish Maw soup

Fried rice. Not too bad.

Mixed vegetable. OK.

Szechuan tofu

The famous London duck, my son’s favourite. It is in fact roasted duck but with some special sauce poured on to it.
Th meat is very tender and juicy. This version is wetter than the Singapore style roasted duck.

Juicy Roasted pork. Quite good.

Complimentary oranges as desert. It was a good gesture.

And finally fortune cookies.

As Chinese, it is always wonderful to have Chinese/cantonese cuisine when abroad. Felt so at home in this restaurant.
Service is good and prompt and food is close to our hearts. We really enjoyed the hearty dinner and was back 2 days later. Total Bill : GBP 60.45
Walked back to bnb since it was after dinner. En route, passed by Our Lady Queen of Heaven Catholic Church at Queensway.
Also bought bread,eggs, salads and pineapples on the way back.
Queensway is a pretty vibrant place. Lots of people with a wide variety of shops and restaurants.

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