Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Day 2 - Dusit -> Chinatown -> Lunch at Nam Sing Chinatown, Ah Baoling Desert at Hua Seng Hong restaurant -> Shopping

After breakfast, we travelled to Dusit area via orange flag river boat.

Boats on Chaophraya

Enroute along the chao Phraya river
Shangrila Hotel

Inside the boat

Oriental Hotel Jetty

Continuing our river journey

Finally we arrived at Thewes Pier.

Enroute to Dusit area

St Gabriel College

King Rama V Monument

Chitralada Royal Villa is a royal villa located within Dusit Palace. This villa was the unofficial permanent-residence of King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Queen Sirikit.

There was no access to Vimanmek Palace or Amphom Sathan Residential Hall since all were hidden from public sigght within the palace high walls and thick tall trees.
Borommangalanusarani pavilion in the same compound.

Spotted a coppersmith barbet

Next, went to Chinatown for lunch. En route. This way to Chinatown is more pleasant and cooler with many shops along the way.

Once again, wihtout fail, we stopped to take the delicious Hua Seng Fong ah baoling before hitting Nam Sing for crab meat fried rice and birdnest. The prices had gone up steadily over the years. Total bill :$41.33.

Out of Chinatown, en route to subway.

After lunch, we took the BTS and stopped at National Stadium. Went to buy FBT shorts at a lane north of MBK.

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