Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Day 1 - Check in Grand Swiss (Review)

We decided to try a different hotel this trip. We chose Grand Swiss at soi 15 this time and it is near to Nana Station.
Room rate inclusive of breakfast was $348.75 for 3 nights. The area is not so vibrant as Asoke/terminal 21, much to our disappointment. We had to do facial in the next soi.
Wanted to visit the park across the road but it was closed due to the mourning for the King.

Around the hotel

Check-in took very long before we could get into our room. The room was big and spacious with a King size bed, LCD TV, big wardrode, dressing table.

Room card
https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/4bPI2MPcnH6mKkcPRjPM4LeMRYsxiT1PRhtz2TPH4Z0cncb69gD5q0X8s59i8xcn3Dd-Nyl08PEuiMriTD6UnyQVwJUTzyU-4tFcZUuHLqXjZpRkN9_sCOB1kry2txbBwsLRGfRRGPunLIZ0nYk2GMaw2QJx3ChYwZ7i84lpc5uaIhpu3CjX6RU7SgoJ__40fKXehbs2NE9RMrdettzHv2dtrQ7ZUduO6qkDdQJUi7iku0LdpRKBZ5_cwHOHiFmRKLn4AsAgg8JvFONJAn2T3oV8wPvBj91jGB-6q_BaTO9Nqc35HhH5IDxJcjmLuvEMACb4ZHsbiBsk2HpfP4FnYQ2L7xvn-vf2_dprchtLQ_ORmKsdw8tJeUuECqsEu5s8eqOlitqEOkCCrbDezXv1NbozOAO2XkDqeNCPE32Oe1HtNqTLKcGCT-vCn5CUyLymXtpJooMClzBoWi6BPU3QqupnI0tbqvc4fsACGhwt9UCu62c_DYfD7kiOuz4F0hlEdWnoIfRrOlVUGKFSxzpdb-JKFoldmjcmHAc7OfI_oqQjqxddOjHwfPDe2kqn0Y95MhK6X4-I8nAq3KKF_lcmpMrLfRhdVR8jy2_wBdY8wsY=w477-h318-no Entrance to Room

Complimentary water, menu of room service and mini bar below.

Mini Bar


Shower stall with rain shower

Sink Area

Essential amenities were provided

Wardrobe with ironing board and slippers and iron


View from breakfast floor

Pool area

Sitting area near the pool

Avenue Cafe where breakfast is served.

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