Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Day 1 - Dinner at Silom

Dinner was at Silom area. We had been looking for this kway chap or mixed pork/intestines soup recommended by my colleague for the last few trips. Finally, we found it this trip. You can choose what you want from the display of ingredients at the front of the stall. Each bowl cost about 60 baht. Not really fantastic but good value for money.

This does not taste like kway chap, tasted more like mixed pork/intestines/spare parts soup

A bowl full of assorted ingredients and the roasted pork is delicious with very crispy skin. Kway Chap type of kway teow was used. Soup is tasty.

You can choose all the different spare parts here.

After dinner, we went to look see look see in the silom shopping centre nearby.
Silom street scenes

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