Sunday, December 24, 2017

Day 4 - Perissa Black Sand Beach -> Pastry for lunch from Santa Irini Bakery, Perissa -> Red Beach -> Akrotiri Lighthouse

Next destination was Perissa beach, a black sand beach ....

Another blue dome church near Perissa Beach - Timiou Stavro, The Church Of Holy Cross

We stopped by a famous 24hr bakery Santa Irini to buy pastries for lunch.

Pastries from the bakery - Spinach pie and crossiant. The crust of the pie was very hard.

The final 2 landmarks were the red beach and the Akrotiri Lighthouse. Red beach involved a little dangerous hike. And it was actually brown more then red.

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Parking area before hike

Akrotiri Lighthouse

Drove back to hotel and rested before driving to Oia for its famous sunset.

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