Monday, December 25, 2017

Day 5 - Breakfast -> return rental car -> Fira -> Lunch at LUCKY'S SOUVLAKIS -> Rest in hotel -> sunset at Fira -> Dinner at Volcano Blue

The last day was spent at Fira. And by chance, we stumbled upon the 3 bells of Fira in Firastenfani, hidden away from the main route.

Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral Fira , not blue dome though.

Ouzeri - no sea view, no sunset but the food is ta great enjoyment

One of the many shopping streets in Fira

Fira Village

Dominican Convent

Church of St Stylianos

Three bells of Fira

View of the Caldera

Souvenirs on sales

Church, Fira

Had lunch at Lucky's Souvlaki's. The shop was small and so filled up very quickly with a crowd!
The owner was friendly and gave me a small cup of beer FOC but I do not drink! We ordered 2 sticks of solvaris, pita bread and a gyros. It turned out to be a very huge gyros. Total costed 9.50€.
Shop Front


Chicken Souvlaki with pita bread

Gaint Gyro with chicken, french fries and vegetables

Small beer on the house


Fira Town - we bought crossiant to be eaten as lunch on board the ferry the next day from a bakery at the end of the street.

Clobbered streets similiar to that of Mykonos

Sunset at Fira

Dinner was at Volcano Blue
Order one set meal for two with a side and desert. The rice costed 4€.
The mussels were delicious. Those I ate back home were not so fresh and tasty and fresh! Do not like the greek salad. The cuttlefish was good! And finally we learnt to appreciate the greek yogurt with honey!
The Mussels were very good and fresh.

Greek Salad which was cucumber and tomato based

Yellow rice

Small fried fish/anchovies with salads

Cuttlefish - yummy!

Greek Yogurt topped with walnuts and honey as desert

The bill – 46€ excluding tips.

Night view of Fira village

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