Sunday, December 31, 2017

Day 9 - Parliment House -> Synatmac Square -> home cooked Lunch -> Bathhouse -> Arch of Hadrian -> Anafiotika -> Philopappus Hill -> Dinner at BYZANTINO

We walked downhill and looked for the Carrefour supermarket. Shopped for groceries and went to watch the change of guards (happens every hours) at Synatmac Square at the tomb of the unknown soldier. The grand changing of guards happens every Sunday at 11am.
Parliment House & the tomb of the unkonwn soldier

Guard at Parliment House

From the parliment house/Synatmac Square , Ermou, a shopping street stretched all the way to our airbnb but frankly, nothing struck or fancied me. The big department store near Synatmac Square was closed the next day and we did not realise till the next day! All shopping centres and supermarkets are closed on Sundays in Athens.

Midway, Church of Panagia Kapnikarea in the foreground

We cooked our own lunch - we had bread, salad, mushroom and ham bought from Carrefour. Yummy and refreshing! The pineapple was super expensive at 4€!

After lunch, our mission was to hunt for the often photographed street in Anafiotika before ascending Philopappus hill to see sunset. En route, many bakeries/restaurants near our apartment. Many people were dining, drinking and eating.

En route, ruins

En route, passed by the bath-house of the winds

Many people are dining and drinking at Plaka restaurants

St Nicholas Church - the steps beside this church will lead to Anafiotika

Houses and clobbered pathways in Anafiotika

Asked around and finally found the postcard picture location. A wedding couple was posing here too.

Another house

The next destination was Hadrian's Arch. Enroute, Agia Aikaterini Church

Hadrian Arch

Temple of Olympian Zeus

Enroute to Philopappus Hill, Acropolis Museum

A very easy walk to the top of the hill. You will be rewarded with a great view of the Athens city. This one reminds me of the San Francisco city view from the twin peaks


You can view the Parthenon from here

City before sunset

Sun is setting

After sunset, we descended and saw Socrates' prison at the foot of Philoppapus Hill

We then headed towards Plaka to have dinner at BYZANTINO restaurant.

Restaurant interior

Hot Garlic Bread

Hubby had fish and rice

I had cuttlefish

Not too bad a dinner. Pretty tasty food. Total bill was 32.30€. En route back to bnb after a satisfied dinner - Busy street of Adrianou

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