Friday, December 29, 2017

Day 7 - Lunch at Pepper -> Tiramisu at D'ANGELO -> Rest in Hotel -> Sunset at Little Venice -> Dinner at D'ANGELO

Lunch was at Pepper - the little shop on the right


Chicken Gyros - 4€ each

Passed by D'Angelo and ordered a tiramisu for tea - super yummy! 8€!
Table setting

Explored Joanna's seafood restaurant which was very near to our hotel. It had good ratings from tripadvisor but alas, it was closed!

Eroute back to hotel

After rested at hotel, we went to see sunset at Little Venice

Decided to dine at D'Angelo based on the reviews of tripadvisor and the tiramisu we took in the afternoon. And it was a very wise choice. We enjoyed the dinner very much. Service was great and food delicious and tasty. They gave two complimentary limoncello. Total bill was 34€ including the delicious tiramisu.

Table setting

Regretted not dining here the day before – it was much cheaper with food more suited to our taste bugs and it was much nearer to our hotel. It has great reviews.
Aglio Aglio spagetti served in a bottle and then poured onto a plate - 11€

Gaint 12 inchesspecial Pizza-12€ - the leftovers became our lunch the next day.

Yummy tiramisu - 8€

Bill - 34€ excluding tips

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