Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Japan Trip Day 6 - Imperial Palace -> Ginza

Took Oedo subway line to Tsuskishima and transferred to Yurakucho line to Sakuradamon to Imperial Palace.
Tsujikishijo Station on Toei Oedo Subway Line

Interesting vending machine in the subway

The subway exit from Sakuradamon Station was very near to the Sakuradamon of the Imperial Palace.

Moat around the Imperial Palace


Walking on the gravel roadway on Kokyo Gaien, the large plaza in front of the Imperial Palace which is at the far left end.

Kokyo Gaien, the large plaza in front of the Imperial Palace

Tokyo Station Skyline from Kokyo Gaien, the large plaza in front of the Imperial Palace.

Another moat

Home to Emperor Heisei and other members of the Japanese Royal Family, the Imperial Palace sits on land that was once occupied by Edo Castle. It became the official imperial residence in 1868, when Emperor Meiji transferred the seat of power from Kyoto to Edo and changed the name of the city to Tokyo.
Throughout history the palace has been rebuilt many times - most recently in 1968. In the raids of 1945 it was almost completely destroyed, and that was in spite of the popular belief that a pond full of goldfish would scare the bombs away.
Imperial Palace in the background. Nijubashi Bridge (Double Bridge) in foreground.

Zoom in

My hubby's favourite photos - stone slabs in the grounds of Imperial Palace

Entry to Imperial Palace but it was out of bounds.

Moat around the Palace

Meganebashi (Eyeglass Bridge)

Another angle off the gravel roadway

Back to Sakuradamon

Moat & builidngs near the Sakuradamon Station

After that, we took the Yurakucho line to Ginza-itchome.
Sakuradamon Station

We reached Ginza before 2pm but the roads were already closed to traffic.

Droves of people everywhere. Walked past Mistsukoshi Departent Store, Apple Store Ginza and Sony Building.

Some filming on-going

Hattori Clock Tower on top of Wako Departmental Store at Sukiyabashi crossing in Ginza

Ricoh Building

After hanging around for a while, we took the Ginza line to Asakusa Station.

Our Japan Itinerary

Day 1 - Flight to Incheon-Seoul

Day 2 - Breakfast -> Incheon Transit area -> Lunch -> Tokyo, Narita -> Limited Express to Ueno -> Checked in Sardonyx Hotel (Review) -> Matsusaka Beef Steak Dinner at Satou, Kichijoji -> Shinjuku at Night

Day 3 – Breakfast -> Odyaku Romance Car to Hakone-Yumoto -> Small train to Gora Station -> Leave luggages at Setsugetsuka Hotel -> Gora -> Sounzan -> Owakudani Boiling Valley -> Black Eggs -> Togendai -> checked into Setsugetsuka Hotel (Review)-> Dinner at hotel restaurant -> Outside the hotel at night

Day 4 - Breakfast -> Gora Station -> Checked out -> Gotemba Premium Outlet -> Togendai -> Check in to Hakone Green Plaza (Review) -> Dinner

Day 5 - Breakfast -> Checked out -> Odawara Castle -> Checked in Sardonyx Ueno -> Ueno Unagi Dinner at Izuei Honten, Ueno -> Ameyoko

Day 6 - Breakfast - > Ueno Park -> Lunch at Tsujiki -> Imperial Palace -> Ginza -> Asakusa -> View from Shinjuku Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building -> Ramen Dinner

Day 7 - Breakfast -> Early Lunch at Kyushu Jangara, Harajuku -> Meiji Shrine -> Harajuku -> Shibuya -> -> Dinner at Shinsuke, Shin-Urayasu

Day 8 - Tokyo Disneyland -> Lunch at Tomorrowland Terrace -> Dinner at Hokusai

Day 9 - Breakfast -> Tokyo Disneysea -> Lunch at Vulcania -> Dinner at Sakura

Day 10 - Breakfast - > Check out -> Skyliner to Narita Airport-> Holiday Inn Tobu Narita (Review) -> Lunch at Edokko Sushi
-> Old Narita Temple Town -> Naritasan Temple -> Dinner at Aeon Shopping Centre

Day 11 - Breakfast -> Flight back to Incheon -> Transit -> Lunch at Incheon -> Home Sweet Home

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