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Japan Trip Day 8 - Tokyo Disneyland

Today's breakfast was in the room. We ate the buns and breads bought from DONQ bakery from Atre Shopping Centre in Shin-Urayasu Station the day before. For drinks, it was green tea from the hotel room.
These were our 2-day Disneyland/DisneySea Passes. Adult pass : 10,000yen. Below 16years old : 8,000. Total Bill : 38,800yen. Sheraton does not accept credit card payment for the passes. We need to pay in cash!

We took the Disney Cruiser (FOC) from Hotel to JR Maihama Station before walking to Disneyland.
Disney Cruiser outside Hotel Lobby

Maihama JR Station

Disney Monorail

Zoom in to another monorail. They come in a few colours. The windows are shaped after Mickey Mouse's head.

It is very convenient to walk from JR station to Disneyland. The Station is directly connected via a bridge to Disneyland. Alternatively, one can take the monorail (pay 250yen/trip) which will stop at Disneyland's main entrance.
Bon Voyage en route to Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland

It is quite a walk - but quite pleasant in nice weather and many things to see on the way. Tokyo Disneyland Hotel in background.

Christmas wreath on a lamp post

Ther was already a very long queue before the entrance, before opening time. No such queues in Anaheim.

Disneyland Monorail Station

Almost at the entrance

Finally, we got in. World Bazaar in front. The place was jam packed with people. The one in Anaheim was not so crowded.

At the World Bazaar

Cinderella's Castle

Tomorrowland- Space mountain on the right.

Took the first kiddy ride - Grand circuit Raceway since there was no queue

Colourful Toontown

FantasyLand- It's a Small World

Cinderella's Castle taken from It's A small World

The queue was not long so we took the ride.

Enjoying our ride in It's a Small World - very colourful and bright

Queuing for Pinocchio's Daring Journey.

Caught part of the Parade - Jubilation!
Winnie the Pooh Bear

Pooh with Tigger and Piglet

Alice in Wonderland



Simple Lunch - Burgers and Chips at Tomorrowland Terrace

After lunch, collect fastpass for Pooh's Hunny Hunt Ride. Before lunch, there was a very, very long queue for the fastpast.
Went to colourful Toontown next

Mickey Mouse Fountain - look at the queue at Mickey's house. Queue time is 2hrs.

Around Toontown

Chip n Dale's house

Queued for more than half an hour for the Roger Rabbit's car Toon Spin, misled by the short queue outside. There was a very long queue inside.

Groofy's house in background. Long queue to meet Mickey, only character in Disneyland to take pictures with.

Minnie's House

Cinderella's Castle


Fastpasses for Poh's Hunny Hunt and Buzz lightyear's Astro Blasters. The second fastpass can only be obtained 2hours after the last fastpass. Fastpass for Monster's Inc ran out. Now I understand why there was a long queue for the fastpass.

Missed part of the earlier parade - Jubliation! Now we got to see the complete one. In Anaheim, we had to "chop" place quite early before the parade. Over here, seemed quite easy to get a place in a good spot. Quite surpised.

Walt Disney and Mickey with the castle as background

Live Performance at World Bazaar

World Bazaar

Next, queue for Pirates of Caribbean.
Start of Ride - restaurant on the left

After the interesting ride, en route to Western River Railroad. More appreciative of the pirates ride now ever since the movies were made.

Train Ride

No queue at Enchanted Tiki Room
Look at the number of strollers!

Western River Railroad

Here comes our train

Big Thunder Mountain - I missed this ride when in Anaheim. Missed it too in Tokyo.

White Christmas Parade


Display near Castle

Crowd near the display

Another view of Walt Disney and Mickey

Early dinner at Hokusai Japanese Restaurant at World Bazaar since Pooh's ride was at 1810hrs. It was nice to have Japanese food in Disneyland.
Restaurant Front

Inside the restaurant

Our dinner - quite a big portion - chicken & rice with soba with miso soup and pickles. Quite delicious, 1680yen each

Pork Cutler and Rice Set. Also included soba mee. 1780yen

Quite a tasty and nice meal too. Total Bill : 6820yen. There was a long queue after we finished our dinner.
Cinderella Castle after dark

Walt Disney and Mickey

Space Mountain

The roof changed colour


Tt's a small world

After dinner, it was time for Pooh's Hunny Hunt Ride - This is a new ride. This ride did not exist in Anaheim then.
Story of Pooh and his hunny hunt before the actual ride

Pooh' hunny pot

Very colourful and interesting ride

Mickey's house

Inside Mickey's house

Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights - claimed to have used more than a million lights!


Minnie's house next door

After the parade, took Star Tours simulator ride (no queue at all), followed by the Captain EO's 3D movie. Apparrently, all the older rides are not so popular so the queues are shorter or no queue at all!

Starbright Christmas - Fireworks

After the fireworks, it was Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters. During the ride, we can use the gun to shoot at various targets and gain points. Pretty interesting.

After the ride, it was almost 10pm. En route to entrance. Tokyo Disneyland Hotel litted with lights in the background.

Outside the entrance

Mickey's flower clock

Disneyland monorail station - The last bus to Sheraton from JR Maihama is 9:25pm ,so we had to take the monorail back to Hotel - one stop only.

Entering the monorail

Inside the monorail with mickey shaped windows and handrails

Finally reached Sheraton

End of Day 8

Our Japan Itinerary

Day 1 - Flight to Incheon-Seoul

Day 2 - Breakfast -> Incheon Transit area -> Lunch -> Tokyo, Narita -> Limited Express to Ueno -> Checked in Sardonyx Hotel (Review) -> Matsusaka Beef Steak Dinner at Satou, Kichijoji -> Shinjuku at Night

Day 3 – Breakfast -> Odyaku Romance Car to Hakone-Yumoto -> Small train to Gora Station -> Leave luggages at Setsugetsuka Hotel -> Gora -> Sounzan -> Owakudani Boiling Valley -> Black Eggs -> Togendai -> checked into Setsugetsuka Hotel (Review)-> Dinner at hotel restaurant -> Outside the hotel at night

Day 4 - Breakfast -> Gora Station -> Checked out -> Gotemba Premium Outlet -> Togendai -> Check in to Hakone Green Plaza (Review) -> Dinner

Day 5 - Breakfast -> Checked out -> Odawara Castle -> Checked in Sardonyx Ueno -> Ueno Unagi Dinner at Izuei Honten, Ueno -> Ameyoko

Day 6 - Breakfast - > Ueno Park -> Lunch at Tsujiki -> Imperial Palace -> Ginza -> Asakusa -> View from Shinjuku Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building -> Ramen Dinner

Day 7 - Breakfast -> Early Lunch at Kyushu Jangara, Harajuku -> Meiji Shrine -> Harajuku -> Shibuya -> -> Dinner at Shinsuke, Shin-Urayasu

Day 8 - Tokyo Disneyland -> Lunch at Tomorrowland Terrace -> Dinner at Hokusai

Day 9 - Breakfast -> Tokyo Disneysea -> Lunch at Vulcania -> Dinner at Sakura

Day 10 - Breakfast - > Check out -> Skyliner to Narita Airport-> Holiday Inn Tobu Narita (Review) -> Lunch at Edokko Sushi
-> Old Narita Temple Town -> Naritasan Temple -> Dinner at Aeon Shopping Centre

Day 11 - Breakfast -> Flight back to Incheon -> Transit -> Lunch at Incheon -> Home Sweet Home

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