Thursday, December 16, 2010

Japan Trip Day 7 - Checked in to Sheraton Tokyo Bay (Review) -> Dinner at Shinsuke,Shin-urayasu Station

Booked a room for 4 persons at the rate of 21,000yen without breakfast and 30,000yen with breakfast for the second night.
Corridor to our room

Room Number

Room Key

Two queen beds and 2 single beds

Very spacious room but because of the extra 2 beds, the sofas and table was placed in front of the cabinet. Looked very odd.

Separate nice dressing room with basin. There is a toilet right after the entrance (no photo)

Separate luxurious bathtub/shower adjacent to dressing room but no time to soak...

View from our window - part of Tokyo Bay can be seen. Bayside Station on the left

Okura Hotel on the left

Okura Hotel and Tokyo Bay

Very big,posh and nice hotel

Main entrance to lobby

The lobby is very large and spacious, luxuriously decorated with many sofas. I would say the lobby and gardens are very posh, well decorated and designed.

Toastina, a restaurant at Lobby

Waterfall with chapel on the left


White chapel

Christmas trees

Sheraton at night

When it was dinner time, we took the Disney Resort Cruiser to JR Maihama Station and then took a train to Shin-Uraysasu, one station away. We planned to have dinner at Shinsuke (新助), located on the first floor of the Atre shopping center attached to Shin-Urayasu Station. We ordered fromt eh á la carte menu a few dishes to share. There was 1 waitress who could speak some English.
Shop Front

Pork Balls - 150yen each - total 300yen

Stir Fried Beef - 630yen

Sashimi - 1260yen

Rice that came with miso soup - 270yen each - total 1080yen

Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables - 530yen

Chicken Yakitori - 210yen/stick -total 630yen

Total Bill including tax was 4430yen. Very reasonable. And it was quite a delectable and delightful meal, very close to Chinese taste. The food is not bad. After dinner, shopped for next day's breakfast. Bought breads/buns from DONQ and sandwiches from another shop nearby. After that, took the train back to Maihama JR station, where we catch the Disney Crusier back to Sheraton.
End of Day7.

Our Japan Itinerary

Day 1 - Flight to Incheon-Seoul

Day 2 - Breakfast -> Incheon Transit area -> Lunch -> Tokyo, Narita -> Limited Express to Ueno -> Checked in Sardonyx Hotel (Review) -> Matsusaka Beef Steak Dinner at Satou, Kichijoji -> Shinjuku at Night

Day 3 – Breakfast -> Odyaku Romance Car to Hakone-Yumoto -> Small train to Gora Station -> Leave luggages at Setsugetsuka Hotel -> Gora -> Sounzan -> Owakudani Boiling Valley -> Black Eggs -> Togendai -> checked into Setsugetsuka Hotel (Review)-> Dinner at hotel restaurant -> Outside the hotel at night

Day 4 - Breakfast -> Gora Station -> Checked out -> Gotemba Premium Outlet -> Togendai -> Check in to Hakone Green Plaza (Review) -> Dinner

Day 5 - Breakfast -> Checked out -> Odawara Castle -> Checked in Sardonyx Ueno -> Ueno Unagi Dinner at Izuei Honten, Ueno -> Ameyoko

Day 6 - Breakfast - > Ueno Park -> Lunch at Tsujiki -> Imperial Palace -> Ginza -> Asakusa -> View from Shinjuku Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building -> Ramen Dinner

Day 7 - Breakfast -> Early Lunch at Kyushu Jangara, Harajuku -> Meiji Shrine -> Harajuku -> Shibuya -> -> Dinner at Shinsuke, Shin-Urayasu

Day 8 - Tokyo Disneyland -> Lunch at Tomorrowland Terrace -> Dinner at Hokusai

Day 9 - Breakfast -> Tokyo Disneysea -> Lunch at Vulcania -> Dinner at Sakura

Day 10 - Breakfast - > Check out -> Skyliner to Narita Airport-> Holiday Inn Tobu Narita (Review) -> Lunch at Edokko Sushi
-> Old Narita Temple Town -> Naritasan Temple -> Dinner at Aeon Shopping Centre

Day 11 - Breakfast -> Flight back to Incheon -> Transit -> Lunch at Incheon -> Home Sweet Home

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