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Japan Trip Day 9 : Breakfast - > Tokyo DisneySea

The hotel offered 3 restaurants, the Belvedere Lounge, Grand Café, Toastina or in-room dining for breakfast. We chose Grand Café and had breakfast at 6.30am before the queue started.
Breakfast at with plenty of choices to select from. Very colourfully and brightly decorated restaurant

Bread/Egg Section

Miso Soup and Rice

Hot dishes

Section for small kids

Cornflakes, etc

Our table with a nice view

Coffee/Tea/various juices


Bird Eye's View of Restaurant

At 8am, we checked out and took the Cruiser to JR Maihama again. Chucked our backpacks at the lockers at Maihama Station before walking to DisneySea. It was a very cloudy day today.
JR at background.

Resort Gateway Monorail Station

Many people were walking with us but they were walking to work

Disney Ambassdor Hotel on the left

Finally, we arrived at DisneySea

No long queues, unlike Disneyland

Queuing to get in.

Main Square with a globe fountain, after the entrance

Walking towards American Front

American Waterfront

The queue for the lottery for the various showswas so long, you won't believe it. Look at the right. Decided to come back later. Instead, headed to Mysterious Island.

Journey into centre of the earth in background

First Ride we decided to take was 20,000 leagues Under the sea in mysterious island, en route to ride

There was no queue at all! We literally walked all the way to board our submarines. It was a ride for the kids....

It was a ride for the kids. No wonder there was no queue. There were less children/toddlers here, compared to Disneyland and there are no parades here. Decided to visit Ariel's Lagoon next and catch the show at Ariel's Lagoon Theatre
En route to Ariel's Lagoon. Transit Steamer Line

Picture taken from Ariel's Grotto

Ariel's Lagoon on the left. Arabian Coast at background

Ariel's Lagoon

Queued to watch the show at Ariel Lagoon Theatre. It was a live show. Very nicely done. After that, went to queue for Big Band Beat, presented by Broadway in American Waterfront. En route.

American Waterfront - the most beautiful themed land in DisneySea.

Broadway Theatre was beside the Tower of Terror. Took the opprotunity to rest.

The queue at broadway

After the show, which was a very good one, really broadway style (it is apity photos were not allowed), we went for lunch. Orignally wanted to take lunch at Cape Cod Cookoff at American Waterfront so that we could see the Duffy show at the same time but the queue was just too long so decided to take Chinese food at Vulcania at Mysterious Island. En route

Cod Cape Cookoff on the left - look at the queue.

Lunch at Vulcania Restaurant at Mysterious Island

We shared stirred fried beef and fried rice. Free flow of plain water.

After lunch, went to get fastpass for journey to the centre of the earth.
Journey to centre of the earth fast pass at 6.10pm

Walking to Lost Delta River to take Indiana Jones @Adventure - The temple of Crystal Skull. En route. Arabian Coast

Walking towards Lost River Delta - Indiana Jones @Adventure - The temple of Crystal Skull but the queue was too long. Decided to come back later to take the fastpass.

Raging Spirit - a roller coaster with double loop

Transit Steamer Line at Lost River Delta

So, decided to take the Sindbad's Storybook voyage and see the Magic Lamp Theatre in Arabian Coast

Start of the Sindbad's storybook voyage - almost ready to go

En route to Magin Lamp Theatre

Nice Arabian Architecture. The Genie was running around then.

Queuing to enter

After the show, went back to Lost River Delta to take the Steamer Line but it was not opened till 330pm. So decide to do something else.
Groofy at Saludos Amigos Greeting Dock - You can meet many characters here at Lost River Delta, Disneysea.

Journey to the centre of the earth at Mysterious Island

En route to American Waterfront to take the Transit Steamer Line

At the dock

Finally on the steamer line - off we go!

After the steamer ride, went to try the lottery for Christmas Wishes at American Waterfront. Decided to try the 8pm show since most people would not want the last show. Thank God we got 4 tickets. This lottery system was set up because of the huge crowds at both the parks.

Christmas Tree at American Waterfront

Duffy bears - only available at DisneySea

Next, went to take some refreshments/snacks at Cape Cod Cookoff and got to see a the fun-filled show set to music and dance featuring Mickey and Minnie, and tells the story of Duffy from how he came to be, to when he sets off on an adventurous journey

After the show, went to get the fastpass for Indiana Jones. The ride was at 9.10pm to 10pm.

It started drizzling then. As there was no queue, we next took the simulator ride, Stormrider, similiar to star tours in Disneyland. Warning: You could get wet in this simulator! Next, proceed to Journey to the centre of the earth for the schedule ride. However, attraction was down for unscheduled maintenance. So we decided to go for dinner first. Dinner was at Sakura Japanese Restaurant at American Waterfront

My daughter and hubby ordered the Udon set - 1750yen each

Udon complete with soup and pickles. The sweet potato is very yummy.

My son and I ordered the Teriyaki chicken with rice set. 1780yen each. Total Bill: 7060yen. All sets come with green tea and miso soup. Quite a delectable and nice dinner.

After dinner, went back to journey to the centre of the earth - it was still down for maintenance after we finished our dinner. They said they would honour the fastpass , even after the timing expired. So we waited for a while and took some pictures.

20,00 leagues

Finally, they opened the attraction. It was a mad rush for both the standby and the fastpass queue. The queue for the fastpass was also quite long. However, it was a short wait, about 10mins. Quite an exciting ride
Next, went to American Waterfront for the Christmas Wishes show.

Duffy Bears on sale at one shop in American Waterfront. Almost every shop sells the bears in DisneySea. But these are not on sale at Disneyland. This is probably a tactic to draw crowds to the not so popular Disneysea.

Broadway at night

Tower of Terror at night

Christmas Wishes show was at 8pm at the area opposite Broadway. Background is Tower of Terror. The benches we sat on were very cold. It was a very colourful and brillant dance and song show.

After the show, it was time for the fireworks. It was exactly the same as that of Disneyland's.

Last ride for the day was Idiana Jones. We had to walk a long the way to Lost River Delta. We had taken the same route to and fro at least 10 times. En route to the ride. This is the Mexico Pyramid.

After the exciting ride, it was time to go back to Ueno. En route to entrance. American Waterfront at night.

Hotel MiraCosta

Volcano/journey to the centre of the earth at Mysterious Island

Walking towards DisneySea Monorail Station

Under the Station

DisneySea Monorail Station Platform

Took the monorail to JR Maihama where we collected our backpacks and headed back to Ueno. Surprisingly, the Hibiya subway was crowded, even at this late hour.
End of Day9.

Our Japan Itinerary

Day 1 - Flight to Incheon-Seoul

Day 2 - Breakfast -> Incheon Transit area -> Lunch -> Tokyo, Narita -> Limited Express to Ueno -> Checked in Sardonyx Hotel (Review) -> Matsusaka Beef Steak Dinner at Satou, Kichijoji -> Shinjuku at Night

Day 3 – Breakfast -> Odyaku Romance Car to Hakone-Yumoto -> Small train to Gora Station -> Leave luggages at Setsugetsuka Hotel -> Gora -> Sounzan -> Owakudani Boiling Valley -> Black Eggs -> Togendai -> checked into Setsugetsuka Hotel (Review)-> Dinner at hotel restaurant -> Outside the hotel at night

Day 4 - Breakfast -> Gora Station -> Checked out -> Gotemba Premium Outlet -> Togendai -> Check in to Hakone Green Plaza (Review) -> Dinner

Day 5 - Breakfast -> Checked out -> Odawara Castle -> Checked in Sardonyx Ueno -> Ueno Unagi Dinner at Izuei Honten, Ueno -> Ameyoko

Day 6 - Breakfast - > Ueno Park -> Lunch at Tsujiki -> Imperial Palace -> Ginza -> Asakusa -> View from Shinjuku Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building -> Ramen Dinner

Day 7 - Breakfast -> Early Lunch at Kyushu Jangara, Harajuku -> Meiji Shrine -> Harajuku -> Shibuya -> -> Dinner at Shinsuke, Shin-Urayasu

Day 8 - Tokyo Disneyland -> Lunch at Tomorrowland Terrace -> Dinner at Hokusai

Day 9 - Breakfast -> Tokyo Disneysea -> Lunch at Vulcania -> Dinner at Sakura

Day 10 - Breakfast - > Check out -> Skyliner to Narita Airport-> Holiday Inn Tobu Narita (Review) -> Lunch at Edokko Sushi
-> Old Narita Temple Town -> Naritasan Temple -> Dinner at Aeon Shopping Centre

Day 11 - Breakfast -> Flight back to Incheon -> Transit -> Lunch at Incheon -> Home Sweet Home

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