Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Japan Trip Day 6 - Asakusa -> View from Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building -> Ramen Dinner

Finally, we took the Ginza subway line to Asakusa station.
Entrance to Asakusa - Kaminari-mon (Thunder gate)gate. It was super packed on this Saturday afternoon. We could hardly move.

The gate taken from inside

A very, very crowded Nakamise Shopping Street

Covered Shin-Nakamise Shopping Street

Colourful souvenir shop

Main Gate, Hozo mon

Main Gate, Hozo mon, with Pagoda

Main Gate, Hozo Mon, to Sensoji Temple


Sensoji (also known as Asakusa Kannon Temple) Buddhist temple

A very smoky temple - crowd surrounding billowing white smoke. The smoke is believed to have a healing power and many people come here seek to be cured by rubbing in the white smoke in troubling areas of their bodies.

View of Hozo-mon from inside temple premises

Sensoji (also known as Asakusa Kannon Temple) Buddhist temple

Big straw Sandal

Dragon beneath the red lantern

Nakamise Shopping Street taken from inside

Bought some animal shaped cakes - the red bean is too sweet for me

Found a nice garden near the temple

Nakamise Shopping Street - en route to Thunder Gate

Thunder Gate

Outside the Thunder Gate

Asakusa was only 4 stops away from Okachimachi. Since we have some time, we decided to go Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku. We took the Oedo line from Okachimachi to Tochomae which was the last stop. The north observatory was on the 45th floor.
Took photos of Tokyo before sunset. Mt Fuji in background

Shinjuku Skyscaper District

Tokyo after sunset

Christmas Trees in Shinjuku


Back to Southern Terrace to buy Krispy Kreme donuts again. This would be our last time to Shinjuku and last chance to eat the donut.

Dinner was ramen at Menya Musashi , 骨武, recommended by my colleagues. This restaurant is very near Sardonyx Hotel, just a few steps away and is beside the Family Mart.
Restaurant Front

Chef at work

There was a queue when we arrived. Bought the ramen via the vending machine and handled the orders to the chef.

Restaurant Interior

All of us took the ramen in black sauce, recommended by my colleagues.
Ramen in black sauce.

Verdict: The Ramen is ok but the stock is just too salty. Not sure why it attracted many. Just not to our flavour.
End of Day6

Our Japan Itinerary

Day 1 - Flight to Incheon-Seoul

Day 2 - Breakfast -> Incheon Transit area -> Lunch -> Tokyo, Narita -> Limited Express to Ueno -> Checked in Sardonyx Hotel (Review) -> Matsusaka Beef Steak Dinner at Satou, Kichijoji -> Shinjuku at Night

Day 3 – Breakfast -> Odyaku Romance Car to Hakone-Yumoto -> Small train to Gora Station -> Leave luggages at Setsugetsuka Hotel -> Gora -> Sounzan -> Owakudani Boiling Valley -> Black Eggs -> Togendai -> checked into Setsugetsuka Hotel (Review)-> Dinner at hotel restaurant -> Outside the hotel at night

Day 4 - Breakfast -> Gora Station -> Checked out -> Gotemba Premium Outlet -> Togendai -> Check in to Hakone Green Plaza (Review) -> Dinner

Day 5 - Breakfast -> Checked out -> Odawara Castle -> Checked in Sardonyx Ueno -> Ueno Unagi Dinner at Izuei Honten, Ueno -> Ameyoko

Day 6 - Breakfast - > Ueno Park -> Lunch at Tsujiki -> Imperial Palace -> Ginza -> Asakusa -> View from Shinjuku Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building -> Ramen Dinner

Day 7 - Breakfast -> Early Lunch at Kyushu Jangara, Harajuku -> Meiji Shrine -> Harajuku -> Shibuya -> -> Dinner at Shinsuke, Shin-Urayasu

Day 8 - Tokyo Disneyland -> Lunch at Tomorrowland Terrace -> Dinner at Hokusai

Day 9 - Breakfast -> Tokyo Disneysea -> Lunch at Vulcania -> Dinner at Sakura

Day 10 - Breakfast - > Check out -> Skyliner to Narita Airport-> Holiday Inn Tobu Narita (Review) -> Lunch at Edokko Sushi
-> Old Narita Temple Town -> Naritasan Temple -> Dinner at Aeon Shopping Centre

Day 11 - Breakfast -> Flight back to Incheon -> Transit -> Lunch at Incheon -> Home Sweet Home

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