Friday, January 6, 2017

Day 1 - Rui Feng Night Market 瑞丰夜市

Next, we went to Rui Feng Night Market. It was about 530pm when we arrived and the stall owners were preparing their stalls. Market is closed on Monday and Wednesday.
The night market is pretty big. It is also quite messy.

Chanced upon this German Pork Knuckle. Later realised this was not the popular one. 160NT for half a knuckle.
Tasted ok. But hubby said the second stall was better.

It was not crowded at this moment on a Saturday.

乾燒蛤蜊 NT100 per bowl.

It was very tasty and very fresh.

It was getting crowded.

This was the correct popular Pork knuckle store, 慕尼黑德國豬腳 just beside the clam store. NT200 for a large share - half a knuckle.

Gaint fried cuttlefish - very nice! 沖繩酥炸大魷魚 NT60 for the small size - Need to get queue number when ordering.

翅包饭 - so so - NT50.

Tasty Egg Onion Pancake NT50.

Ended the night with cold bean curb NT30.

In a cup

Other stalls

Famous stall - steak and spagetti - we did not try this stall - we were very full.

By this time around 7pm, it was so crowded that you could hardly walk, not to mention standing at the stall to eat your food. So we decided it was time to leave.

Eight Grand Hotel at night

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