Friday, January 6, 2017

Day 2 - Breakfast at Xing Long Ju 興隆居

Since we were going to Cijin Island, en route, stopped by Xing Long Ju 興隆居 to have breakfast. This was highly recommended by many people and it was near to the KRT City council station. The one next door is also quite ok according to an auntie who was queuing. She mentioned that the 烧饼 and salty soya bean milk are special at 興隆居.

It was about 9am but the queue was still very long

One queue for the buns and another for the hot buns


Queued more than half an hour before we got our breakfast. Total bill was about 150NT. The soya bean milk tasted different with a strong bean taste.
The breakfast in general is oily and overated by viewers.

烧饼 - I liked this.

Fried vegetable bao which was good .

蛋饼 - similiar to roti prata

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