Saturday, January 21, 2017

Day 4 - Breakfast at 美紅豆漿 -> East Gate 旧城东门 -> South Gate -> Lotus Pond 蓮池潭風景區-> Dragon and Tiger Pagodas 龍虎塔 -> Spring and Autumn Pavillions 春秋閣 -> 文昌祠 ->North Gate

Breakfast was at 美紅豆漿, our third choice as the first two choices (宽来顺 & 来来were closed). We had to take a cab here. Cab fare was about 130NT.
The shop served two queues of customers so it was not a long wait.
Background showed the city of Kaohsiung enveloped in mist in the morning. It happens everyday.

I ordered to eat in but they thought I want to take away. Total cost about 160NT

蛋饼 - tasted ok.

Bao, not as good as Xing Long Ju 興隆居

The soya bean milk tasted normal without the strong bean taste of Xing Long Ju 興隆居

Vegetable biscuit - the skin was a bit dry.


Cabbage bao - their signature - tasted ok

Red bean bao - skin to thick and dry, filling was little.

After breakfast, we took UBER (costed NT80 only) back to bnb before venturing out to Lotus Pond. The cab went on a long way on the way here.
Wanted to visit East Gate 旧城东门 so from Zouying HSR, we took a cab since we did not know if there was any bus going there from exit 2 of the KRT.
Later realised that bus 301 will stop there before going to Lotus Pond and this bus has the shortest route.
East Gate 旧城东门 which was the longest gate.


Nearby, within walking distance was the south gate

From the south gate, took bus 301 at the nearest bus stop to entrance of Lotus Pond. It was 2 stops away.
The bear resembled the bear at Kumamoto.

Dragon Tiger Pagoda

Spring and Autumn Pavillions 春秋閣

Very elaborate design


Confucius Temple Ground

Entrance to the Confucius Temple - only realised this after we were back. No wonder we could not locate the temple.


Then we walked to the North Gate, perspiring in the hot sub - it was supposed to be winter!

Enroute, passed by the shoushan, hill of monkeys!

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