Saturday, January 14, 2017

Day 2 - British Consulate at Takao (打狗英國領事館) -> Art Pier -> -> Late lunch at In our Time 電台食堂 at Art Pier 1

After walking to the 西子湾 KRT Station, initially wanted to walk to Art Pier 2 but spotted a bus leaving for Former British Consulate outside the station so we hopped on. Unfortunately, the bus had a minor accident with a car at a junction and we were asked to take the next bus from a bus stop 200m away. Waited very very long for the next bus and it never came so we hoped on another bus (which drove past so many times!) to the Former British Consulate. We climbed up the stairs to the consulate, only to realise that an entrance fee is required to enter the Consulate.

View of the university and bay area 西子灣風景區.

As we had no idea how to get back to the station, we took a cab directly to Art Pier2. The fare was about NT150.
Later, we realised that this was Pier 1. Apparently, the cab driver did not know which is Pier1 or Pier2.
May art exhibits were on display and there were many families and people here.

Upside down house - very creative idea!

Lunch was at In our Time Restaurant 電台食堂. Only cash is accepted.

The food was good and tasty with free flow of plain water. Vegetarian Spagetti - NT280

铁路便当 - Pork Tendon Set - Very nicely wrapped up. NT30

It was very delicious and tasty!

My daughter ordered Chicken Set - NT300.

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