Saturday, January 7, 2017

Day 2 - Cijin Island (旗津島)

From City council KRT station, it was another 2 stops to 西子湾 station and another 10 min walk to Gushan Ferry Pier. the queue is always long but it was a 15min wait.

Surrounding areas

Soon, we were on the ferry. Paid 20NT using i-card. Enroute, passed by the dry dock

After a short ride, we reached Ciji island

Old Street

Qihou Presbyterian Church 旗后教会

Ciji Star Tunnel 星空隧道

The graffti on the ceiling was not so spectacular after all and the tunnel was really old.

The other end of the tunnel. It was claimed that the view here was rewarding and stunning but it was so-so only.

At the entrance of the tunnel, there are directions showing the way to the Fort.

Spotted a Light-vented Bulbul en route to the Fort

After a short hike up, we reached the Cijin Fort - 旗後砲臺.

An old Fort

The view from the Fort is stunning. view of the Cijin Beach.

View of Kaoshiung Island


From the Fort, either follow the directions or the crowd to the Lighthouse. The Lighthouse is closed on Monday.

Another view of Kaohsiung from the Lighthouse. It was a hot day! It certainly did not feel like winter!

View of Cijin Beach and the houses roof top

Spotted another Light-vented Bulbul when walking downhill

Cuttlefish were being dried

Took a break and enjoyed a bowl of cold and refreshing bean curb.

Refreshing !

Soon, we were on the way back to the main island

The queue was still long.

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