Saturday, January 21, 2017

Day 4 - Lunch at 口福黑輪 ->Check out -> Travel to airport -> Dinner at Airport, Chef Teng -> Flight to Singapore

Back at bnb, we took lunch at 口福黑輪 which was just round the corner of airbnb. Beside it is a Korean eatery which also looks interesting too.

Surprisingly, the pig trotter beehoon was exceptionally tasty and sweet. At NT60, it was value for money in an air con eatery! Interior was very clean.

Aftr check out, We went to airport early to avoid the peak hour in KRT. Dinner was at Chef Teng at the airport. total cost : NT710.

Seaweed soup - very ordinary.

My daughter ordered the fish set. It turned out that there was very little meat but full of fish roe!

Pork Belly Set

Stew Beef

The set comes with rice and vegetable. Not too bad a meal. The airport is really small and there are not very eateries before or after immigration.
So this eatery was a good choice. the price is a steal for an airport restaurant.

After dinner, it was time to check in and then it was home sweet home. End of our short vacation.

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