Saturday, February 20, 2016

Day 10 - Dinner at Buppa Gump, Santa Monica Beach - > Lights at Museum of Art, La County -> Star Avenue > Hollywood Boulevard

Decided to have dinner at the beach and we chose Buppa Gump

Forrest Seafood Feast with Hand breaded Fried Shrimp, Fish & Chips and made from scratch
Seafood Hush Pups. Served with Fries and homemade dippin’ sauces, Tartar, Cocktail and
Remoulade. Forrest’s favorite meal after a day on the boat. 20.79

Ordered 2 "Of Course We Have Scampi!” to share. Total Bill : USD77.74
Shrimp sautéed with Capers in Lemon Garlic Butter, served over a bed of Linguine. 19.29

The destination after dinner was Lights at Museum of Art, La County. Made a mistake by parking inside which
costed USD12 because when we exited from car park, we were told by the guard to park along the roadside.

Then we drove to Star Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard

Chinese Theatre

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