Sunday, February 21, 2016

Day 12 - Breakfast at Hotel -> Disneyland

Breakfast was good since bacon was served.

We drove to Disneyland, park at the disneyland carpark and took the tram to Disneyland
Disneyland - Not many changes after 17 years!! It was cold after sunset. We were hoping to watch the spectacular 60th anniversary fireworks so we secured a good position early. As we waited patiently in the cold, we were literally freezing (though we wore many layers). To our disappointment, the fireworks was cancelled eventually due to wind conditions.

Gaint Christmas Tree

Cinderella's castle

Small small world

Boarding point is changed to external instead of internal.

Inside the small small world - all the children are so lovely , cute and so sweet!

Toon town

Missed this show 17years ago. Now was the time to make up.

Not as spectular as expected. The one at Hong Kong seemed to be more colourful and better with more disney characters.


Flynn Rider & Rapunzel

Parade - no change after 17 years!

Well, this character is definitely new addition! Anna and Olaf

Dinner was at the Tomorrowland Cafe - meat ballls spagetti. Expensive and not very nice.



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