Sunday, February 14, 2016

Day 8 - Dinner at Capital Seafood, Chinatown, Las Vegas -> Fremont Street Experience

Dinner was at Chinatown, which did not exist 16 years ago.
Capital Seafood was a Chinese cum Vietamese restaurant . They served both chinese and vietamese fare.

We ordered 3 beef pho and a vegetable. It was nice having a hot soupy meal on a cold day. The food tasted ok. Total bill: USD63.11

Chinatown Mall

After dinner, we went to Fremont Street to experience the Fremont Street Experience. We parked at Hotel Plaza and walked across to Fremont Street.

Entrance to the Fremont Street Experience

The place was very brightly lit and loud with many neon lights and lively with many live performances but the experience overhead was so so only.
The experience was more like advertisements!

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