Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Day 3 - Burger King breakfast -> Check out -> Golden Gate Bridge enroute to Muir Woods -> Muir Woods -> Sausalito -> Lunch at Fish & Chips, Sausalito -> Golden Gate Bridge

Hebert Hotel does not include breakfast so we settled for Burger King Breakfast. They had a promotion and it only costed USD4 for 2 sandwiches. We had the hot breakfast in our room. There was a kettle in the room so we made tea. Due to the tight tour schedule, we booked a tour to Muir Woods and Sausalito on Viator. It costed USD50 per person. The tour fee included entrance fees to Muir Woods. They arranged to pick us up at 8am outside our hotel so we checked out of hotel after breakfast. But we deposited our bags at the hotel. The hotel stored the bags in a room and a ID and key is needed to access the room.
The bus came on time and brought us to a common meeting place, where the tour agency was, near to Fisherman's Wharf. Hyatt Fisherman Wharf opposite the agency.

Another building around the area

At about 9am, we settled off. To get to Muir Woods, we drove through Golden Gate Bridge. Enroute, we stopped at the vista point. Below photos were taken from the Vista Point.
Horseshoe Bay & Fort Baker, Marin County

View of Golden Gate Bridge from the Vista Point

Lone sailor statue at Vista Point

We continued our journey, passing thtought Marin City and after many turns of winding road uphill and downhill, we finally reached Muir Woods. Our original plan was to visit Yosemite and its Giant Sequoia but the Gaint Sequoia trail was closed for restoration for 2 years so we changed plans to visit the Redwood in Muir Woods. The best part in visiting Muir Woods is it is very near to San Francisco, under an hour, compared to Yosemite which is 4 hrs away. According to experts, the trees in Muir Woods belong to the spies called the Coast Redwood. It was said that the Coastal Redwoods are the tallest trees on Earth, reaching heights of over 368 feet (112 meters). They are one of the widest trees on earth, reaching diameters at their base of over 30 feet (9.3 meters) and one of the oldest trees in existence, the oldest on record having lived 2,200 years when it was cut down.

Magnificent, spectacular, big, tall trees soaring above our heads as we made our way with ease through the nicely, level constructed trail along the creek towards bridge #4, which took us 30mins.

The best part of the woods was Cathedral Grove near Bridge 3. So peaceful and quiet

The next destination, included in the package was Sausalito, a San Francisco Bay Area city in Marin County, California
Sausalito water Front

Sausalito was quite a pretty town.

Lunch was at Fish and Chips.

Burger and fish and chips for 3 to share.

And ice cream too! Andthe ice cream will not melt in the cold temperature!

Total bill excluding ice cream, taxes and tips.

On the way back to San Francisco after lunch, we stopped for another view of San Francisco

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