Monday, February 1, 2016

Day 2 - Lombard Street -> Fisherman Wharf -> Pier 39

After checking in, we hailed a UBER to Lombard Crooked Street. We choose UBER over the trolley as UBER is more economical and cheaper
than the trolley, which is overpriced at USD7 per person. The journey leading to the crooked street was very interesting with its many ups and downs.
Took a few shots of the crooked Lombard Street, one of the must visit attractions when visiting San Francisco.
Oakland Bay Bridge, Coit Tower & St Peter and Paul Church can be viewed from Lombard Street.

Alcatraz Island can be viewed from Lombrd Street too

The world's most crooked street viewed from intersection of Hyde Street and Lombard Street

View of Lombard Street towards Coit Tower

View of the Lombard Crooked Street from intersection of Leavenworth Street and Lombard Street

From Lombard Street, we walked downslope along Leavenworth Street towards Fisherman's Wharf. This was the recommended route by many people.

View of San Francisco Transamerica Pyramid behind us.

After a short downslope pleasant walk, we finally reached fisherman's wharf and took a stroll along it towards Pier39.

There were many shops along jefferson Road

Iconic sign of Fisherman's Wharf

Ripley's Believe it or not SFO

Crab Restaurant

Pier 41

Pier 39

Many sea Lions were sun bathing at Pier 39 and making a lot of noise.

We walked around the Pier chanced upon a arcobatics performance.

We also took the opportunity to sample the SFO clam chowder from this restaurant. Tasted ok. But it was piping hot and tasted good on a cold day!

There were many shops and eateries at Pier39.
Hard Rock Cafe and look at the blue sky!

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